The Bad Decision Dinosaur

By Dorothy (found on
(If you can´t read it properly, click on it to open a bigger version)

This is, undoubtedly, one of the best comics/charges I ever put my eyes on.

The Bad Decision Dinosaur may look quite new to the reader, but I´m sure he has been near a few times, even if not properly noticed.

Here, for instance. Is quite hard to see him sometimes, but if you take a little time and effort staring…

Saw him here? I could spot him behind.

This is quite an old picture.
For as far as I know, Mr. Colin Powell resigned, and so did Mr. Donald Rumsfeld.

Nowadays, I imagine I´d see only Mr. Bush and the Bad Decision Dinosaur. But then again, I wish Mr. Bush gave a little time for the Dinosaur to visit some other “world leader in need”.

Like Kim Jong-Il, e.g.

Awww…wishful thinking sucks!

With my best compliments.

P.S: This little piece of “IR amenities humour” is somehow a “firestarter” for a more technical and serious (yes, you heard me) accessment on Iraq, that shall be coming any time now.

* Postado originalmente por Daniel Rio Tinto na versão (local) anterior deste blog, no dia 27/08/2007.

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