Georgia’s on my mind!

1)The Republic of Georgia Map (with references to Abkhazia and South Ossetia) by United Nations Cartographic Section


Hello Humble Reader!

After four months with no new posts, Imminent Crisis was awaken from the calmness by the remarkable situation in Georgia.

Even though the happenings in South Ossetia are not exactly surprising (many of us were already expecting this to come), it is interesting to see a inter-state (involving quasi-states, for the sake of irony) war that doesn´t directly involve the United States by this time. For it has come to the attention of those who try to write some interesting and (at least) funny words at this place, the Situation in Georgia shall be addressed by some notes and quotes.

If you don´t find that so funny, at least it´ll be funny that we wrote that post using the “Georgia” font! DUH!

Being that said…we´ll stop the chit-chat…and start talking crisis.

The Imminent Crisis Crew

* Postado originalmente por Daniel Rio Tinto na versão (local) anterior deste blog, no dia 13/08/2008.

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