Cold War “easy-as-ten-words-worst-case-scenarios” between EUA and URSS

Worst Case Scenario 1950: No more world. Simple as that.
Worst Case Scenario 1955: Earth becomes stardust. No more questions.
Worst Case Scenario 1960: Total devastation. No details to be discussed.
Worst Case Scenario 1965: All-in War. Global nuclear fallout. Then, mankind is gone.
Worst Case Scenario 1970: The planet is out of bounds. Life is impossible there.
Worst Case Scenario 1975: All pieces of the earth flying around the universe. Separately.
Worst Case Scenario 1980: Hesitation. Then thermonuclear war. Then it´s all over.
Worst Case Scenario 1985: Both ends of the red phone push the buttons. KABOOM.

By the way, I think Mr. Kissinger would say: “I miss those years, man…”

* Postado originalmente por Daniel Rio Tinto na versão (local) anterior deste blog, no dia 06/11/2006.


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